Yes, I love to give tours! As of January 1, 2014, I have moved to Pocahontas, Iowa. I'm usually open at least from 10-3 on Tuesday though Saturday. but you'll need to look at the news feed on my location and hours page for any deviations.  If the A. D. D. hasn't kicked in yet, I sometimes work even longer!  Just like a fancy art gallery, I'm closed on Sundays & Mondays.  Otherwise, you will find me open by chance or by appointment so it's best to e-mail or call ahead to arrange a time.  I have seating for up to 60, so if you want to bring a large group, please do!


I have a large collection of Steven kaleidoscopes (the cardboard ones you remember from your youth).

There is always something in progress.  See a woodturning demonstration or watch as I put the magic inside a kaleidoscope.

In addition to restaurants listed below, catering for bus tours with meals served right in my shop may be arranged with:

Chris Cakes (It's not just pancakes!)


Tim or Sabrina Taylor @ The Family Table



Tourism is a huge part of my business and Pocahontas has lots to offer to visitors.


Here's a December 2015 video from KCCI, the CBS affiliate in Des Moines

Check out page 38 of the November/December issue of Bustours Magazine for a little about me.

For a preview of what you'll see, here's a link to A KTIV television production about me

Here's a link to an Iowa Public television production about me.

Here's an article about me from the Chicago Tribune.

In the June 10-16, 2012 issue of American Profile  you'll read more about me.

They also made a great video of me.


If you're flying your own plane, here's some information on the local airport:

Rental cars are available here:

Contact information:

Leonard Olson
Head Kaleidoscope Maker
Cell Phone:  (515)
408 1269

Request Tour Information by e-mail If this link doesn't bring up your e-mail client, email me at kaleidoscopeguy at (replace the "at" with "@")

Tours are free, but of course, I am exceptionally happy when you buy one of my creations.  The PVC scopes are only $10 each and I love playing with the tourists and showing them all the possibilities with them.  The bus tours who stop in also love them.

Make sure you bring your camera!  Take all the pictures & videos you'd like. 

In 2013 I had visitors from 30 States and 12 foreign countries.  Thanks to the Iowa Tourism guide for bringing so many of them here.  Here's a link to the 2014 guide.