Teleidoscopes - $60.00

Premium woods extra.




Teleidoscopes are my favorites.  Instead of beads or baubles, they use the world around you as the object.  The mirrors inside and the clear marble at the end make whatever you are pointing the teleidoscope at into a kaleidoscope image.  Take one of these out in your flower garden and see kaleidoscope images of your flowers. 

My favorite story about these is from a customer in Paris.  She works Hospice.  When she meets a new patient she shows them her teleidoscope and explains  "You can't change what's happening to you, but you do have control over how you look at it."  

These are approximately 9" long.  Made from a variety of exotic woods; no two are ever alike. Pictured in purpleheart and curly maple.  Choose your wood from the list here.  Comes with walnut stand.

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