PVC Scope Kits - $10.00

from a teacher customer of mine upon reordering...

"I used these 2 years ago with a group of enrichment students and it was a tremendous success.  We studied lines of symmetry/angles/reflection...can't wait to do this again with a new group of students!"

These are the ones I developed so the Grandmas wouldn't go broke buying the grandkids each a kaleidoscope.  The mirrors are regular mirrors instead of front surface mirrors, but they're still lots of fun.  The mirrors are already put together, but the rest is up to you.  Put the marble in the end and it's a teleidoscope.  Exchange that for the other parts and you make a kaleidoscope.  Tired of that?  Take it apart again and this time use some diamonds from Grandma's jewelry box.  Or, try other things you find around the house.


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