Large Oil Wand Scopes - $69
Premium woods extra.

The barrel is about 9.5" long and this wand is about 12" long.  Other wands are used for other colors so lengths vary. To use these, hold the barrel and look in the small hole.  Have the wand vertical with the colored end up.  If you have the gravity turned on the oil, colored sand, and foil stars will flow by the mirrors and give you a moving kaleidoscope image.  When it's done, turn the colored end up and start all over.

Wands available in several colors.  One wand of your color choice comes with the scope.  E-mail me at kaleidoscopeguy at (replace the "at" with "@" ) for current choices.  Add more colors for $10 each.  They easily interchange with "O" rings to hold the wand in place.

Available in many woods.   Pictured in marblewood with blue/yellow wand.  Other wand choices are:


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