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Scroll down on this page to see pictures of my kaleidoscopes.  Click on the thumbnails to see a bigger picture and a description. Due to the popularity of my kaleidoscopes, I'm now taking orders for Christmas 2015 delivery . If you'd like to order something, please check out my kaleidoscopes below to get an idea of what's available and then e-mail me  If this link doesn't work for you, email me at kaleidoscopeguy at (replace "at" with @ ) Make sure the word kaleidoscope is in the subject line.  If my spam filter kicks your e-mail out and you don't hear back from me within 1 business day, please call me at (515) 408 1269. 

Some woods take a while to get here, others may become impossible to get.  Sometimes you may have to make a different choice as the drying time for the wood might be more than you want.  Wood prices vary.  The base price on my larger kaleidoscopes is based on the cost of domestic hardwoods.  Some, but not all, tropicals cost more and I charge accordingly.  The "woods I use" link has surcharges which are valid for all the larger scopes.  Shipping is via USPS Priority mail.  You pay only the postage cost which is usually around $5.80-$12.35 per shipment. Large flat rate boxes cost $17.45.  Iowa residents will be charged 7% sales tax.  I accept Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express, PayPal and checks.  If you choose to pay by check, I'll e-mail you a pdf  invoice and ship when your check arrives.

To talk to me personally, call me at (515) 408 1269. 

Here are examples of my kaleidoscopes.  .

Click on thumbnails for a description and larger picture
There is a Flash file demonstrating my kaleidoscopes  Here
 mini-t.jpg (10599 bytes)  smoil.jpg (89424 bytes) camera jig.jpg (59673 bytes)
PVC scope kits $10 Mini Teleidoscopes
$18 & up
Small Oil Wand Scopes $36 & up Camera Jig
   teleidoscopes.jpg (59553 bytes)    
Egg Scopes & Acrylic stand $45 & up Teleidoscopes $60 & up  Large Oil Wand Scopes $69 & up Oil Cell Scopes
$110 and up

Exotic wood surcharges may apply & raise the prices. Here are some of the  woods I use.

Although the flagship products are the kaleidoscopes, I make several other fun things too. 

 Here's a link to the Magic Pixie Dust Dispensers Page.

 Here's a link to the Wooden Puzzles Page.

Here's a link to the Wooden Trains Page

Here's a link to my Etsy Store where you may purchase puzzles, trains & treenware

Here's a link to purchase College of  Leonard gear

Here's a link to my teleidoscope ties at Zazzle.


Free Kaleidoscope Cell Phone and Computer Wallpaper at The Kaleidoscope Factory's Facebook Page

I also provide learning experiences.  They're especially popular with Girl Scout & 4-H groups as well as family gatherings and "Girls Night Out" and whatever other excuse you can come up with to have fun with a group of people.  There's more about that here:    

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