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These are new for 2010.  I made my first one on January 14.  Thinking there were probably lots of other kaleidoscope artists out there doing the same thing, I did a Google search for “dichroic teleidoscopes”. No results.  As far as I can tell, I'm the only one making them.

These are just like my regular teleidoscopes but with one major difference.  A filter of dichroic glass is added, and what a difference it makes!  The best way I can describe it is that "colors become electric".  My friends called the first one I made a " kryptonite kaleidoscope" so I used that name to describe the optics.  I've experimented with other dichroic glass forms and come up with 6 more choices for optics.  These dichroic teleidoscopes are approximately 9" long.  Made from a variety of exotic woods; no two are ever alike.  Teleidoscopes are a type of kaleidoscope which have no beads or baubles inside.  The mirrors inside and the clear marble at the end make whatever you are pointing the teleidoscope at into a kaleidoscope image.  Take one of these out in your flower garden and see kaleidoscope images of your flowers. Dichroic teleidoscopes are especially fun when you view a video game or television program through them.   

About the optics.  I've had several requests for interior photos.  You can see photos created with my regular teleidoscopes at www.facebook.com/kaleidoscopefactory .  A three mirror scope creates an image that appears to go on forever.  The images on the Facebook page were made by cropping a mandala from that kind of image and pasting it on a black field.  That's why many of them appear to be from 2 mirror kaleidoscopes.

Dichroic teleidoscopes do not lend themselves well to photography.  The reason is the increased dynamic range of the light. No camera can capture all of what the human eye can see.  My dichroic teleidoscopes are 3 mirror scopes so the images will appear to go on forever.  Easy description stops there.  However, I will attempt a simple description of the various optics available.

With all the dichroic teleidoscopes, lights become extremely bright highlights in the image and there is a triangular texture created by the undulations on the dichroic glass filter and the 60-60-60 angles of the three mirrors.  I'll describe the effects on primary colors so you have some idea, but keep in mind -your world is made up of all the colors!

(01) Purple Passion.  When viewing a neutral gray, there is a deep purple cast with green highlights.  Reds are more violet, yellows are more green and blues are more violet.

(02) Fairy Slipper.  When viewing a neutral gray, there is a combination pink/yellow cast.  Reds are more orange, yellows are warmer and blues are more darker with green and purple highlights.  The optic's description  was inspired by the Rocky Mountain wildflower of the same name.

(03) Lavender and Lace.  When viewing a neutral gray, there is a lavender and yellow cast with what appear to be permanent black lines.  The lines sometimes show in all the scopes and are caused by undulations on the surface of the dichroic glass.  Reds are more slightly warmer, yellows are subdued and blues are more violet.

(04) Orchid Bouquet.  When viewing a neutral gray, there is a lavender and yellow cast with what appear to be permanent black lines.  Reds have green highlights, yellows have pink and green highlights and blues have lavender highlights.

(05) Rainbow's End.  When viewing a neutral gray, there is a deep blue, pink and yellow cast.  Those three colors influence everything else to make every color around you more saturated.

(06) Kryptonite.  When viewing a neutral gray, there is a bright blue, green and turquoise cast.  Primary colors remain pretty much the same, but highlights and halos tend toward greens and turquoise.  This one makes the best first impression with the brilliant colors.

(07)  Victorian Garden.  When viewing a neutral gray, there is a pink and yellow cast.  Primary colors are subdued and the overall effect is of a dark and cool garden.

Pictured in bocote, redheart and silver maple.  Choose your wood & optics from the following:

Woods click here
01 Purple Passion
02 Fairy Slipper
03 Lavender & Lace
04 Orchid Bouquet
05 Rainbow's End
06 Kryptonite
07 Victorian Garden

Comes with hardwood stand.

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